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The tercentenary celebration of Gurta-Gaddi to be celebrated at the SACHKHAND GURUDWARA at Nanded is of great relevance to the Sikh Community. This involves the remembrance of the 300th year of the consecration of GURU GRANTH SAHIB as the eternally steady guru of Sikh Community by Guru Gobind Singh Ji. The event will be of 8 days duration and will be conducted in the month of October 2008. The event will attract estimated pilgrims of 25-30 Lacs from all over the world. The event is of high relevance to the Sikh Community considering its occurrence once in 100 years. Besides that it also involves the remembrance of the most important landmark events in the Sikh history. The occasion involves remembrances of the following events.
Consecration of Guru Granth Sahib as the Future Guru of Sikh Community
Parlokgaman of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the last human guru of Sikh Community

These two events confer the occasion a “MUST VISIT” status for the Tercentenary Function in the perception of the Sikh Community.

Large scale preparations have already started for this event. Various arrangements regarding accommodation, transport, utilities, and Gurudwara development are currently underway. To celebrate the tercentenary of Gurta Gaddi, Maharashtra Government has prepared plan of developmental work to the tune of Rs. 817 crore to create infrastructure facilities for pilgrims. Central government is also expected to contribute to it.

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